Tuesday, September 18, 2018

3295. INTERN. Singapore bird stories from Toa Payoh Vets

Divine intervention?

1. Blue-fronted Amazon

2. Goffin's Parrot

Birds seen during exercise on or around auspicious dates

3. Brown pigeon seen during exercise - Aug 29, 2018  (Day after WMNN's birthday)

4. Orange breasted pigeons seen during exercise - Apr 2, 2018 (Easter Monday)

Apr 4, 2018  (Guan Yin's birthday)

5. Spotted dove - singing

6. Brown and yellow birds
brown and yellow birds


Example of a video made from a case study, done by an Intern from RI - The case of the fearless vet. Dr Thein Tun Aung at the Hyatt Hotel house call

STORY 1How to bring the blue-fronted Amazon home?


The parrot perched on the tree overnight.
The owner tried to extend the bamboo poles
but the bird was too far away from the corridor. What to do?

Attached more poles but it was a futile effort. The poles start to sag under the influence of gravity. The distance to the bird was too great. So, the whole day passed without any solution.

An example of bamboo poles distant from the tree

A car parking lot separates the two blocks. Trees are planted at the periphery of the car parking lots

Another housing estate with similar structure. The trees are planted between apartment blocks. A central green lawn, not a carparking lot, separates the blocks in this image. Clothes are hung on bamboo poles for drying.

Next morning, after bathing, prayed to the 3 Buddhas for help to get the parrot safely home. Looked out of window. Saw a black bee alighting near the parrot. Parrot flew off and landed on the ground. He dashed downstairs and got the bird safe and sound.

The black bee is large and looks like this image
A big black bee

"Was he crazy?" he asked us.
A divine help?

Once the bird escapes in a large city as Singapore, there is little chance of it returning home to the owner.

Actual bird involved. The blue-fronted Amazon

The owner told me that the bird is OK and sent me this video recently.  


Once the bird escapes in a large city as Singapore, there is little chance of it returning home to the owner.

Divine intervention in both cases may be possible for those with faith. For others, the 2 birds returning to the owner safely were a matter of good luck.   


Esplanade sign board

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