Tuesday, July 24, 2018

3213. 3 rarely seen birds during exercise Jul 24, 2018 (Monday)

Whiteheads are small songbirds with a compact body, short tail and bill and long legs. The head and underparts are white or whitish. Upperparts, wings and tail are brown-grey. Bill, legs and eyes are dark.
Voice: whitehead song is a characteristic viu viu viu zir zir zir zir or canary-like twitter. Several other chirps or chatters are used for constant communication within the group.
Similar species: although some species such as sparrow and silvereye are similar in size, the distinct white head and underparts make the whitehead easily distinguishable from other small passerines.

Black-hooded Oriole - Oriolus Xanthornus
Family - Oriolidae
Asian black-headed Oriole, Oriental black-headed Oriole, Black-headed Oriole

Black headed Oriole is found throughout India and can be seen in single or pairs on leafy trees. Its found in tropical, moist deciduous forests, plantations, gardens, village semi forested areas, wooded countryside or parks with large trees. Black headed Oriole is arboreal ie living in trees and makes nests on the same trees or nearby to that of drongo. Nesting season is April to July. Black headed Oriole is a golden yellow colored bird with black head, throat and breast. Bill is fleshy bright pink and eyes are colored crimson. There is black colour in tail and wings too. Both male and female look alike apart from female having dull colored head. Juveniles or young ones have yellow forehead and the black head is streaked with yellow colour. Source: www.bhopalbirds.com/




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