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3214. Kindle Stories. Unbelievable Story: A Goffin's Cockatoo landed on my shoulder


26 Jul 2018 Be Kind To Pets Veterinary Educational Video by Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), Toa Payoh Vets, Singapore 

The female Goffin's cockatoo flew away from the tree branch (X) to across and above the road after more than 30 minutes of attempts by Abigail (Y) to get her pet down the tree. I was standing at Z as there was another man whose escaped bird never returned, was helping Abigail to get Mango down. The man left. Abigail was more distressed. I was of no help. I decided to ask for divine help --- a silent prayer for divine intervention. Divine Intervention? Does it exist in real life, I wondered? 

I had asked for divine help as Mango zoomed up and across the road. Abigail dashed towards the railing, shouting “Mango, come back!”. Suddenly, Mango aborted her flight, flapped her wings and swerved back towards me. Why not to Abigail? No time to wonder. 


I turned my back to this bird, standing straight, not wanting to eye her as she might abort her flight. Sharp claws dug into the fabric of my green polo shirt at the right shoulder area. Abigail was joyous, dashed towards me and cupped Mango in her hands. Now, 4 years later, I consider this stranger bird landing on my right shoulder a blessed occurrence. Was there divine intervention? I would say yes - there had been divine intervention in this bird story.



On 23 Jan 2023, I visited Abigail's pet shop. She was happy to see me.
Very slim. "My eldest son is now waiting to be enlisted in National Service!" she said. "How fast time flies!" The Goffin's cockatoo was inside, with another bird. I am glad to see her. 



The female Goffin's Cockatoo flew away from the tree branch (X) to across and above the road after 30 minutes of attempts by the owner, Abigail Brocklebank  (Y) to get her down the tree. Abigail called her loudly to return. I was standing further to her right at a spot (Z) as there was another man helping Abigail to get the bird down from the tree. 

He had climbed up the tree a bit but was unable to grab the bird with his hand. Instead, Mango hopped  higher up the tree. Abigail went to her shop nearbv and took back a ladder and a perching stick meant for birds.

"Mango, come down," she pleaded many times. The other man had left. She told me, "His bird had escaped and flew away. He never found him. "Mango, mango, mango..." she inserted the perching stick towards the bird who was out of reach, ignoring her. 

Abigail was a strong woman in her mid 30s. She had big clear brown eyes and was so trim that she had borne five healthy kids.   

I had been to her shop that morning, but I could not help her. She was getting distress as the minutes ticked by. 30 minutes of impasse. What should I do. Well, I asked for divine help in my thoughts.

Divine intervention - does this phenomenon exist in real life? 

I had asked for divine help for Abigal in my thoughts. How would this happen? Would the bird return home to Abigail? Suddenly, Mango swerved mid-way across the road, did an about-turn to fly back towards us. 

I turned my back to this bird, standing straight, not wanting to see her as she might abort her flight towards us. 

Sharp claws gripped the fabric of my green polo shirt. I did not freak out although this was the first bird to land on my shoulder.  The bird landed onto me although we did not know each other. The overjoyed Abigail ran to me and took her home.

The incident occurred around 4 years ago when Annie bathe the bird outside her shophouse.. As at 18 Jan 2022, the bird is thriving. 

Was there divine intervention? It was a blessed event for me when the stranger bird landed on my shoulders.

Was the alternative a scientific explanation? This species is known to be intelligent. So, could this bird prefer to be safe with Abigail where there is love and food than be free and hungry in the concrete jungle?

Such questions depend on your beliefs whether spiritual or scientific.



Jul 26, 2018 (Thursday)

A happy ending. 

Mango, a white 10-month-old female cockatoo flew off and up a tree while sunbathing. The owner was distressed as the ladder was too low. A man helped by climbing up one branch bifurcation with a wooden bird's perch taped to a pole. The owner pleaded to Mango to climb down to the perch. Mango walked down the 1-storey high branch step by step. But the perch was not near to step upon.

I recalled another case where the owner prayed to his 3 Buddhas for help as his blue-fronted Amazon parrot had flown to a distant tree while being bathed at the HDB corridor the day before. The night passed.The bird was still there the next morning, perched 8 storeys high up. Just after prayers, the bird flew to the ground. He dashed downstairs and got him. This case is written in

"Is it ok to ask for divine help?" I pondered.

Suddenly, Mango flew off the tree, towards and across the road . The owner called his name. 1/3 across the road, above the rushing cars, she swerved and turned back suddenly. We made eye contact for a second or two. She flapped open his wings and headed towards me. I turned my back, facing away from her as I sensed she was flying towards me. By not doing eye contact, she would not be frightened off, I reasoned. 

She perched on top of my right shoulder, as if my green polo shirt were a green tree. Her owner, wearing a black dress, quickly rushed over, cupped him and went to her shop to rest.

Her mother, from a frugal baby-boomer generation and who helped her in the pet shop showed me a motion with her right forefinger, circling beside her right ear in a clock-wise direction. "Abigail is mad," she told me. "Sunbathing the cockatoo. She keeps another large black bird as well as many small ones!"  

Abigail's cockatiels and a budgie 

Abigail had previously clipped the flight feathers but these have grown again. She did not want to do it as she thought the bird was tame and obedient.

I was present at the right place at the right time. I was a stranger to the Goffin's Cockatoo. Yet she landed onto my shoulder as if she was directed towards me instead of the owner who loved him very much and spent much time with him. Nowadays, Mango's flight feathers have been clipped to prevent him flying high and away. She was chained in his foot earlier, after her escape.


Mango, the Goffin's Cockatoo is transported in a carrier

The tree with a bifurcation. The ladder was too low. X=location of Mango

Unbelievable Story. How to get the blue-fronted Amazon home?





Scientific Classification

Common Name
Goffin's cockatoo, Tanimbar corella
Genus Species
Cacatua (referring to the bird's call) goffiniana

Fun Facts

Both parents take part in incubating the eggs.

Cockatoos can mimic the sounds of other animals, including people.

Cockatoos can hold their food in one foot and break pieces off of it with the other foot.

Cockatoos live in small loose flocks.

They birds are very gregarious and emit a shrill cry.

Ecology and Conservation

Cockatoos are a food source for many predators.

Their feeding habits are very destructive to crops and are considered a nuisance by farmers. In fact, licensed culling is permitted in certain states.

Cockatoos aid in seed dispersal by eating fruit and dropping the seeds.

The Goffin's Cockatoo is very popular in the pet trade and is considered to be an exceptionally easy bird to tame. They are generally very affectionate towards humans and have lively personalities.

Deforestation and habitat destruction is also a major threat to these birds.

The U.S. Wild Bird Act forbids the commercial import of any bird listed by CITES which includes most parrots.

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