Wednesday, July 25, 2018

3214. Unbelievable Story: A cockatoo flew off while being sunbathed by the owner

Jul 26, 2018 (Thursday)

A happy ending. 

Mango, a white 10-month-old male cockatoo flew off and up a tree while sunbathing. The owner was distressed as the ladder was too low. A man helped by climbing up one branch bifurcation with a wooden bird's perch taped to a pole. The owner pleaded to Mango to climb down to the perch. Mango walked down the 1-storey high branch step by step. But the perch was not near to step upon.

I recalled another case where the owner prayed to his 3 Buddhas for help as his blue-fronted Amazon parrot had flown to a distant tree while being bathed at the HDB corridor the day before. The night passed.The bird was still there the next morning, perched 8 storeys high up. Just after prayers, the bird flew to the ground. He dashed downstairs and got him. This case is written in

"Is it ok to ask for divine help?" I pondered.

Suddenly, Mango flew off the tree, towards and across the road . The owner called his name. 1/3 across the road, above the rushing cars, he swerved and turned back suddenly. We made eye contact for a second or two. He flapped open his wings and headed towards me. I turned my back, facing away from him as I sensed he was going towards me.

He perched on top of my right shoulder, as if my green polo shirt were a beacon. His owner, wearing a black dress, quickly rushed over, cupped him and went to her shop to rest.

Her mother, from a frugal baby-boomer generation and who helped her in the pet shop showed me a motion with her right forefinger, circling beside her right ear in a clock-wise direction. "Abigail is mad," she told me. "Sunbathing the cockatoo. She keeps another large black bird as well as many small ones!"  

Abigail's cockatiels and a budgie 

Abigail had previously clipped the flight feathers but these have grown again. She did not want to do it as she thought the bird was tame and obedient.

I was present at the right place at the right time. I was a stranger to the cockatoo. Yet he landed onto my shoulder as if he was directed towards me instead of the owner who loved him very much and spent much time with him. Nowadays, Mango's flight feathers have been clipped to prevent him flying high and away. He was chained in his foot earlier, after his escape. 


Mango, the Goffin's Cockatoo is transported in a carrier

The tree with a bifurcation. The ladder was too low. X=location of Mango

Unbelievable Story. How to get the blue-fronted Amazon home?


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