Thursday, October 18, 2018

3321. A red-eared slider emitted loud gasping sore throat sounds

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

3320. The funeral parlour's dog has an ear haematoma surgery

Ear haematoma is a swelling inside the ear flap that is filled with blood. 

Treatment is by incision, drainage of the blood and blood clots and stitching the sides of the incision, leaving a gap for drainage.

S-shaped incision is effective generally in preventing wrinkling or cauliflower ear which occur if there is no drainage or treatment of the aural haematoma.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

3319. A stray cat has a swollen lower paw on the left hind foot. Haematoma

A concerned young Chinese National lady in her 30s  brought in a cat for treatment.
The left lower foot had a spherical dark red swelling

X-ray shows no fracture. It was a haematoma

Friday, October 12, 2018

3317. Pom, M, 6 yrs with calcium oxalate stones on Jun and Sep 2018 removed in Thailand

October 13, 2018

Dear Dr Sing

Thank you very much for your kind.

The attached files are the result of 2 time operations (both are calcium oxalate)
1st operation 15 June and 2nd operation 20 Sep

Ultrasound is on Sep 19 (before the 2nd Operations)
Urinary Test & Bacteria Test result is on Sep21 (see attached files)
Latest blood test is on Sep 24 (see attached files)

Now I fed the dog only urinary food (Hills C/D)
Drink Water around 500-600 ml per day
His current weight is 6.5 kg (Pomeranian, Male)

I just dont want my dog to have the recurrent of the stones again so i try to study and seek the consultant for the prevention.

See you soon Dr.Sing!


Significant findings
1. Calcium oxalate stones removed in Jun and Sep 2018 by cystotomy.

2. It is possible that stones less than 5 mm could have been removed without surgery (cystotomy), using voiding urohydropropulsion after ultrasound showed stones around 4mm across.

3. Urine pH stated to be around pH 7.

4. Prevention

4.1  Decrease urine concentration. Add water to kibbles or feed food with 75% water ie. canned food..

4.2  Avoid urine acidification. This means urine pH to be above 7.0.

4.3 Avoid diets with excessive protein content.

4.4 Consider Potassium Citrate or Other Alkalinizing Citrate Salts for Dogs and Cats with Persistently Acidic Urine. 
4.5 Consider Thiazide Diuretics for Frequently Recurrent Calcium Oxalate Uroliths

4.6. Check urine for hypercalciuria with either hypercalcemia (primary hyperparathryoidism) or normocalcemia.

4.7 Strive to achieve a urine specific gravity ≤1.020 in dogs

4.8 Diets and medications designed to promote urine acidification (pH less than 6.5) should be avoided.

4.9. X-rays 6 monthly and then yearly to detect small stones which do not need surgery. Use voiding urohydropropulsion. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

3316. Table mats with illustrations for pre-schoolers

Silicon preferred. PVC.
Illustrations - theme e.g. space, zoo

Product Service: Baby goods/children's goods
Drawn y: D

Easy to wash by drawnby mats

3315. IMAGES - Be Kind To Pets - hamsters