Friday, July 1, 2022

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 PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: I put my DSLR camera zoom lens as close to the window pane of the Incheon Airport Arrival Terminal as close as possible and focus on the Boeing 747's window panes. The sky was overcast. Handheld, "P" Mode Central Focus. I tried to stabilise myself by standing with legs apart. Surprisingly, I got a good shot. Boeing 747 has 2 aisles - a first of the series of jumbo jets.




I put my DSLR camera zoom lens on top of the railing of a wooden bridge spanning across the Seoul Zoo pond filled with waterlilies and leaves. I focus on the yellow stamen and pistils of the red waterlily. The sky was overcast. Camera supported by bridge railing. "P" Mode, Central Focus onto the yellow stamen and pistils. 

I got a good shot because my camera was stablised on top of the wooden railing. There was NO way I could get a sharp image HANDHELD as the camera will shake slightly when I click the shutter and move my fingers while standing.

Important point to note is that there was no breeze moving the flowers and leaves to cause blurry images. Sunlight shone on the red water lily as the grey clouds parted for a few seconds. That helped me a lot to get this sharpness of image.

I had no time to use Manual and other modes. I find that "P" mode does help me get sharp images most times.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

4134. Boeing 747 and 787 to and from Seoul/Singapore - double aisle Boeing

21 Jun 2022 midnight
Going to Seoul

The Boeing 747 is a large, wide-body (two-aisle) airliner with four wing-mounted engines.

29 Jun 2022
Back to Singapore

The 787 was the first next-generation widebody twinjet, and the A380 remains the world's only fully double-decker passenger airliner to date. As such, both aircraft are trailblazers in their own right. However, Airbus designed the A380 for long-range, high-capacity hub-to-hub flights

4133. Blood pressure 120/80 and dragonfruit flower

 1 Jul 2022

Went to my old GP who is an old friend. He is 73. I am 72. I asked for blood pressure measurement.
He tested my BP twice with his medical instrument which you need a stethoscope to listen to the readings. 

He took the measurement twice. 
"Your BP is a bit low," he said. I asked for the readings.  "120/80" which is good news. I had this reading once from him some months ago. Last month, I had "140/80" which he said is the limit of normal for senior citizens. My BP was also over 140 mm at the SNEC.

I was happy with the good news because he said last month, that people of my age do not get 120/80. Only young people. We discussed and he said BP varies but should not be over 140.    

Went to Lentor Street to exercise at 11 am. Very hot. A retiree couple gave me the dragonfruit flowers which, the wife said, bloom only one night and die the next day. She offered me some dragonfruits but I don't eat them.

3 flower images from the kind couple picking up cut grass in a plastic bag for their plants. Migrant worksers (arouond 6)  came to cut and blow the grsss in the playground and they thought I was their supervisor.


4132. Hamster is very itchy

"Video Pt 1. Why are the two 3-month-old dwarf hamsters scratching all the time?

30 Jun 2022 case study:  

"My 3-month-old male dwarf hamsters are always scratching," the lady owner messaged me on Google Business for appointment on 29 Jun 2022. "The other sibling scratches now and then. Could the cause be due to inbreeding? " I asked her to send 3 images of one hamster. She sent two images of one hamster. 

"This Winter White hamster called Hamster 1, had has hair loss around the lower neck and a damp lower body," I said. "The skin is infected and inflamed red. Infected skin can be very itchy. Hence the hamster scratches to relieve his itchiness!" 

On 30 Jun 2022, The owner brought the two hamsters for consultation. Hamster 1 had ventral dermatitis (inflamed infected skin on the lower part of the body). Hamster 2 had no obvious signs of hair loss on the neck or lower body.

Treatment was by clipping of all the thick coat for both hamsters. "But Hamster 2 has no problems," my assistant was not in favour of shaving the hamster bald.  "The coat is thick and skin infections could have gone under the hairs."

"Hamster 2 had no obvious signs of hair loss because the skin infections are below the skin and are at the early stage, " I explained to my assistant. "Shaving them bald enables the skin to be exposed to receive ventilation. The owner can wash them with antiseptic and anti-fungal washses. Otherwise, Hamster 2 may need another consultation if he becomes itchy, causing more expenses to the owner."

videoed the two hamsters with my DSLR camera. You can see  IN THIS VIDEO that both hamsters scratch their body, bit their paws for some seconds. After scratching, they would sleep for a short while. They would wake up to scratch their body and ears again.

Hamsters are nocturnal creatures and sleep during the daytime. Body itchiness prevent them from having a sound sleep. The video evidence confirms what the owner had experienced at home. That was the reason she consulted Toa Payoh Vets.


Three-month-old male dwarf hamsters are not young when we think of a 3-month-old infant. They can become fathers are around one month of age. The age of Sexual Maturity for dwarf hamsters is generally two months of age.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

4131. A yellow butterfly in Shan Shwe Oo Resort


Grass Yellow butterfly

Yellow butterflies are commonly seen the whole year round in Singapore. They are the Grass Yellow butterfly and related species. Are yellow butterflies commonly seen the whole year round in Yangon, Myanmar?  

INTRODUCTION. Myanmar is a large country with over 55 million people. The majority of the

population is Buddhist in faith (insert 2 images below). Its tourist attractions (like Inle Lake and its leg paddling fishermen in the image) bring in much revenue and jobs for the people.  

Inle Lake

Dr Thien Tun Aung (L) and his family went to 
Shan Shwe Oo Resort on Sunday, 26 Jul 2022 at 3 PM. 

Shan Shwe Oo Resort video.

Lots of greenery. A big pond with fishes and lotus flowers

Video 4.


A yellow butterfly in the Shan Shwe Oo Resort posed for Dr Tun Thein Aung
of Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery on Sunday, 26 Jun 2022 at 3PM

He took the following video using his smartphone camera. 

Pet dogs are welcome 

Myanmar waitress at Shan Shwe Oo Resort, outside Yangon

Grass Yellow (Eurema sp.) are small butterflies that have lemon-yellow wings with small black spots. They are found in Singapore throughout the year.

4130. Stray cats in Singapore and in a Seoul Zoo in Jun 2022 as seen by Dr Sing Kong Yuen

Very rare to see one stray cat in the public places in Singapore nowadays. 
They had been culled by town councils or trapped by pest control people over the years.
There is a community that traps, neuter and release (TNR) stray cats over the years, bu
the Covid-19 pandemic had stopped many of the members from continuing.


This stray cat looks healthy and in excellent bodily condition
Probably cared for by zoo administrators as he or she wandered around the 
office building area when I saw the cat during my 24 Jun 2022 visit to
the Seoul Grand Park Zoo



Monday, June 27, 2022

4129. Unbelievable story - An orange butterfly at Seoul Zoo posed for me


24 Jun 2022: SEOUL ZOO

Around 4 butterflies were seen around a small plot of garden at the entrance to the Seoul Zoo on 2 Jun 2022.

I hoped to photograph one sharp photo of one of the few butterflies fluttering in the small garden.

It was as if my wish was answered by Mother Nature? This butterfly posed within 6 feet from me for over 60 seconds. I took this photo. I got to video her too. 

A 56-second video and a phot of this butterfly is for sale.
Contact     +65 9668-6468


A 20-second video from handphone video of original video


A 56-second video of this butterfly is for sale.
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