Friday, March 27, 2020

4110. Women like you....

Mar 26, 2020

Women like you
May be doves
Running with the howling wolves

Do not let the doubts of fools and bootlickers
Stop you from lifting the universe
With one hand

4101. Syrian Hamster - Traumatic testicular swelling

Oral meloxicam is effective as a pain killer as the Syrian hamster stopped licking his
testicular swelling. By Day 2 as an inpatient, the hamster had little swelling and was sent home.


Original files

4109. Closed pyometra in a Syrian Hamster - X-rays

22 March 2020

"Hihi Dr Sing, are you in today?

My female Syrian hamster has not been pooping and eating well for the past week and yesterday, I felt her tummy was quite swollen.

Can I bring her in around 11.30 am?"


"11.30 am OK.
"Ok, I bring her over. Thanks"


X-rays done. Not good news.
Uterus is filled with abundant pus. Diagnosis is closed pyometra.

25 March 2020

Hi, My hamster Elsa doesn't seem to get better. Can she come on Friday to take more medication or is surgery better?


4108. Oxytocin injections to induce egg laying in a red-eared slider

4088. Story telling using the 3Ds - Do dogs suffer from toothaches? Carnassial Tooth Abscess in a Pomeranian

STORY TELLING USING THE 3D's to sell a product or service
All wrapped up in Drama

Interns: See example
Use "3D's" to tell your story



23 Mar 2020
Dear Dr Daniel Sing

Yesterday, we brought KAME for consultation and injection to induce her to lay eggs.

Please help to review the X Ray again for KAME if she had 8 or 9 eggs?  So far she laid 8 (laid first egg about 5 o clock [about 1 hr 15 mins after injection] and continuously next 45 minutes) in the car at Lorong 5 car park. It was raining heavily.

We brought her home and she fell asleep without food.

This morning Rita found her in the bathtub but the water drained.  After filling up the bathtub with water, she was restless and not eating yet.

Thank you.

Best regards
Kho / Rita

24 Mar 2020  Email
Dear Doctor Daniel Sing

Finally the biggest egg, KAME laid around 4pm this afternoon. She dug a hole at the garden and laid and covered it.  Rita took it out from the mud and took a photo of it for your record.

Thank you.

Best regards
Jimmy / Rita



APRIL 20, 2019

Dear Dr Sing
We went back about 5pm and since you administered the injection she had laid 5 eggs. As we were travelling home she laid one egg in the car.
When my wife reached home about 5.45pm she laid another 2 eggs. We went out and when my son reached home, he found 4 eggs in the plastic box (filled with water) around 6.45pm.
In total she laid 12 eggs. Is it possible for her to form another 7 eggs in 11 days?
She is very tired and now sleeping.   We are monitoring her closely if more eggs 🥚 to come. 


Thursday, March 19, 2020

4107. Syrian hamster - Testicular traumatic swelling


Original images

Thursday, March 5, 2020

4106. HABITAT LOSS. The Oriental Garden Lizard loses his home in Yio Chu Kang Crescent

Mar 6, 2020

The regular and once-monthly clearing of the vines, creepers, grass and leaves from the railing and the nearby areas of Lentor Avenue/Yio Chu Kang Crescent result in the loss of habitat for this young Oriental Garden Lizard. He has no insects to hunt and survive. There are very few of such creatures nowadays, less than 5 in this area which is being developed into a major road. The lizard will become extinct as Singapore develops more land and build more. 

Mar 20, 2020. Rare sighting of the oldest Oriental Garden Lizard seen by luck, being at the right place at the right time. How do I know? Its length is longer and its head is broader compared to the younger ones. (show photo side by side).


On the same day, at the Countryside Park Garden, there was a younger adult. Hunting.


As the habitat is lost owing to construction of the highway, these lizards are getting extinct. 

4105. Hamster cages - falls

Wire mesh on upper part provides excellent ventilation.
However, the hamster climbs the grilles and falls - lameness or die from head injuries, bites the mesh 


Plastic cage with ventilation holes at the top of the cage.
Cluttered. Hamster sleeps and pees under the exercise wheel. Skin of elbow and shoulder area becomes inflamed - Vet 1 diagnosed as yeast infections.


Sold on the internet
More living space for the hamster
Has wire mesh on upper part - good ventilation


If your rodent is always on the move, loves to play and never stays still, then the Olimpia hamster cage is perfect for him. This habitat offers ample space in which your cute friends can play freely.

Its structure consists of a classic wire mesh cage and a special vertical section covered with transparent plastic, in which there are paths with a wheel, a little house, shelves and ladders, all for recreation and exercise. In the bottom part of the cage, you will also find useful accessories, including a drinking bottle and a plastic food bowl.

The transparent tubes connected to each other allow your hamster to move from the first floor to ground floor. These parts are also available as modular accessories. They can be used to make numerous combinations and can also be added to other products to create additional play areas. In fact, by attaching the tubes, which can be straight or curved, to the special connection on the side of the Olimpia cage, you can extend the path dedicated to your little rodent.

- Ideal for lively pets

- Ready to be connected to tubes or other habitats

- Standing structure to reduce volume

- Opening plastic wall for easy cleaning

- Accessories included
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