Tuesday, August 28, 2018

3253. A brown pigeon posed for me on the tree during my exercise Aug 29, 2018 8.10am

Aug 29, 2018 Thur

Yesterday, Aug 28, 2018 was Wang Mu Niang Niang's birthday (18th day of the Chinese ghost festival).

Today, I went for exercise in the public fitness park, hoping to see the birds on the tree opposite my exercise machine. A brown pigeon flew to the tree, hidden partially by leaves and posed for me.  So, I got only one good photo out of over 20 blurred ones.

Not able to focus as the pigeon was 2 storeys high up the leafy tree. It flew to the roadside kerb and I took 2 images which did not look sharp or brown. 

Two species of mushrooms were present on Aug 29, 2018 around 8am

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