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3318. INTERN. A 2-year-old dwarf hamster has a large red nose - nasal abscess

(Refer to reference videos x 3 below for editing. Refer to case file for gender of hamster)

Please create an edited short video (5 minutes if possible, without the gory surgical procedures) to show and tell the important points of the above 3 videos BY showing important footage only.

Hook - "The nose developed a small red lump initially," the gentleman said. "Now it is a large swelling. Is it a tumour?"

This 2-year-old dwarf hamster is the gentleman's beloved pet in Singapore. The owner is very busy as he works hard in the financial district of Singapore (video footage of Singapore's downtown if possible).

He was full of energy, greeting the owner when he comes home from work in the business district. 

He had not been sick till now. As dwarf hamsters live up to 2.5 to 3 years, he is considered old. With old age, tumours may develop. Has he developed a large tumour? Is there a cure? 


Title: A 2-year-old dwarf hamster has a large red nose - nasal abscess

Define: Abscess

Physical examination - soft swelling about 8 mm x 5 mm x 3 mm in size. Likely to be an abscess (video footage of discussion with owner during consultation. Use whole footage if necessary).

Tumour, abscess or abscessed tumour.
1. A tumour is possible as the hamster is aged. It will be hard
2. An abscessed tumour will have hard and soft areas.
3. An abscess is feels soft if it has existed for some days. . 

Gas anaesthesia is necessary to enable pain-free procedure. It also prevents stress and sometimes death due to the struggling and stress of restraint and surgery. A scalpel blade incises around 10 mm into the midline of the nose and the pus is drained. (Video without the gory blood).

24 hours after surgery, there is residual pus expressed from the wound in the morning. This has been removed using a cotton bud tip. The wound closes. The hamster goes home in the afternoon. He recovered fully in one week. 

Prompt veterinary attention results in a clean incision using scalpel and rapid recovery. Delays will result in loss of appetite, possible death. The untreated abscess will rupture into a large irregular shaped wound, spilling blood, pus and bacteria onto the face and mouth. The hamster will lick up the pus and swallow it, leading to loss of appetite from illness and possible death.

A hamster's nose abscess
Gas for hamster abscess lancing
Post op examination. No pus. Goes home.


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