Monday, November 2, 2015

2351. Follow up 4 months later: FIC in a cat - happy ending for mum

Tuesday Nov 3, 2015

Today, the mother came to buy 2 small bags of feline CD. She is a working mother and had been considerably stress by the cat that had been to Vet 1 and myself such that she considered euthansing it. The cat  continued to have difficulty peeing.

This cat would go wherever she goes and so, was much appreciated.


Basically she complied with my vet instructions:
1. Separate her cat from the dominant one. The latter would eat all his food and more of his.
- Cover the bowl.
The affected cat stays in mum's bedroom when mum goes to work. He has his own litter box (newspaper pellets), feed bowl and water bowl.
2. Add canned C/D + some commercial food  at first. Then add dry C/D
   ignore the cat if he is still fussy. The cat did eat out of hunger.

It was great that this cat could recover and not euthansed.

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