Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2352. No hunger to learn the tricks of the trade

Wed Nov 3, 2015

Today I had breakfast with a senior vet. The sun was orange as the haze had returned partially
The senior vet was telling me how he put a plaster onto a big Labrador with an over-extended hock, just like the Chow Chow's hind legs. He put the cast and the dog could now run and the owner was most happy.

After doing one hind leg, he asked his experienced vet assistant to do the other leg. The lady did not know how to do it but would not request for help. So he scolded her.

"There is no point scolding the workers," I said. "Veterinary technicians who want to learn all they can from you are few. They just want to pass the day happily with their colleagues. No doubt practice makes perfect, but how many of the younger generation is keen to learn by asking? They will do it their own style. If you scold them, they will be most unhappy. They may sabotage the equipment or just resign. They have to be treated gently."

This may be a stereotype. I seldom find highly self-motivated interns or assistants keen on learning. 

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