Sunday, November 1, 2015

2349. More rats less stray cats

Nov 1  2015

"My 88-year-old mum used to feed over 30 stray cats," the 47-year-old man captured his mum's sick cat for injectioni. A plastic container. "Nowadays, she feeds 3 cats. No wonder Singapire has a rat problem. I saw one rat as large as a cat!"

A kind man who took the trouble to consult the vet about the mum's sick cat. He diagnosed mouth ulcers which were present for many months. He just wanted some tablets at first without consultation. To save money.

This was a stray cat. He has a strange medical problem with everted upper lips pointing upwards showing his lower teeth and lip. Wad this a longer upper jaw? The man did not want detailed examination under anaesthetic and so it was hard to examine his mouth.

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