Saturday, October 31, 2015

2348. Two skinny old female, not spayed dogs

Sunday Nov 1, 2015

Bright sunny day with white clouds but grey skies. The haze is still there.
Another coincidence of two similar cases - two very skinny old female not spayed dogs.
DOG 1.
A lady in her late 30s brought in a very thin 12-year-old female, not spayed poodle X for vaccination.
"There is a thick sticky yellow discharge on the consultation table," I said. "It is likely to be pus from the womb."
Yet there was no visible pus from the congested vulval area and no abdominal pain. The dog was extremely thin.
"The skin disease needs to be treated first if you want the dog to put on weight. She must be infected and so became thin. Scratching all day and night would have caused stress and weight loss."
"Yes, I heard night scratching," the lady said. Today the dog had bald ear edges usually due to sarcoptic mange. Also black pigmented face, neck, elbows and sternum. Jet black.

DOG 2.
By coincidene, another lady in her late 30s consulted me about her very thin Shih Tzu. The dog had a big central corneal eye ulcer that happened around 5 weeks ago due to another dog scratching the eye. The vet had prescribed eye drops and e-collar but the dog simply took off the collar and so now the whole eye is filled with dried thickened exudate.  . 

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