Saturday, June 20, 2015

2471. Travel Picture Tips: Lavender flowers and stragglers

Jun 19, 2015

"You should have one tour guide to wait for the rest of the group," the two men scolded the tour leader as they boarded the coach at the parking lot in Roussell. "We waited at the designated area and even walked back to the cafe but nobody was around!"

The tour guide and the assistant assumed all had been present and had walked down from the meeting point. There were stragglers in a bigger group. Probably they had been having pizza and was late. When they arrived at the meeting point, all of us had strolled towards the coach parking area. They waited and waited. So the resentment and anger boiled with the tour leader bearing the grunt of their resentment. Not a happy ending to a tour.

"Cocked up" was what a lady summed up this situation. Even an experienced travel agent can forget to wait for the "stragglers". The problem was that the meeting area should be at the coach parking lot instead of a distant shop area between the sights and the parking lot.

We all learn from mis-management by being shouted at by some angry clients. Some angry customer are not so forgiving and would never admit their own actions had caused the problem in the first place.

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