Sunday, June 21, 2015

2472. Travel Picture Tips - Lavender farms, Valensole, France

Jun 21, 2015
Best Western Hotel Gap, France
Rm 206

A 3-star hotel with clean modern furnishings and good food and beverage services. No swimming pool but there is a public one some distance away. A veterinary clinic opposite. 4 years old and with 4 vets. An interesting wall mural of Noah's Ark with anaimals advertises the practice. Cats form majority of patients with horses at 20%. A weighing machine is on level with the waiting room floor.

I had to open the window to let the cold air in as this hotel has no air-conditioning and the bedroom became stuffy. A house-fly visited me at 4.30 am.

Visited Valensole where the lavender farms are as far as the eye can see.

Travel pics must be taken speedily as the people get restless.  I used zoom lens mainly, except for the group photo. The others use handphones.

I was across the road.
Suddenly, this sports car appeared and stopped for a few seconds. So this presence of the drivers and red sports car add vibrance and variety to the image of blue, lavender and red. The driver waved and soon zoomed away. 

From inside the coach window. This is the best father who raised the bar very high for boyfriends. I hope the daughters can find husbands that meet the care and love of their father who is more a friend than an authoritarian.  

I commented on the coincidence of two ladies wearing zebra stripes on this lavender farm visit day

 Very restless group. The vocal lady said it is too hot to pose and so the camera people must be speedy. I used macro lens. Blue skies, lavender flowers, brown sand and this triangular angle makes an unusual pic.  The tour leader to the right was using her handphone which is handy. DSLR cameras provide sharp close ups and are used by 3 people. Handphone cameras are the trend. 

Dogs on holidays make great travel pic but you need to be very speedy and use a zooms lens on the dog's or owner's eyes to focus.

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