Thursday, June 18, 2015

2470. Avignon painter

Jun 18, 2015

Avignon has heritage places to visit. Churches, castles and bridges from the past.

Painter Coriz Thierry.
Best sellers are traditional water colour paintings of Avignon to tourists. Also do surreal paintings as it must be boring to do usual art pieces every day..
Has online sales, even selling to China.
Experienced. Present to sell paintings 7 months per year. Accredited.
Water colour painting exposed to sunlight appears not faded or browned. Bought a small painting to support the arts. He signed behind with pencil and stamped. 60 years old and enjoys his painting at the market place outside the Avignon Theatre.

Some pics.

A close family with children migrated to Canada but grandparents in China.

The staff at Van Gogh's mental institution had to be rough on tourists who want to take pictures of family members and friends among the lavender flowers in the garden. She even touched this lady to warn her to get the child away from the flowers. When she left to man the reception, more tourists, European and Asian, just pose amongst the lavender flowers.

Looking at the positive side, it will be better to have so many tourists than to have none the whole day long. But to the staff, the lavender flowers need protection from the crowds. Other than fencing up the lavender garden, human beings do not much care about the integrity of gardens. 

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