Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2469. Travel Day 3 - Dog travellers

Jun 18, 2015 is Day 3.

2 nights in the first hotel. Mercure. The bacon looked uncooked. Dare not eat it. Excellent big croissant and sweet strawberries.

Now, 2 nights in 2nd hotel. Ibis. No bacon, eggs or sausages for breakfast. Yesterday, the tour leader was scolded by one male traveller for not asking him whether he ate beef or not.

12 in the group of Singaporeans did not want beef. Pork was given. Even with over 10 years of experience, she had assumed that after 2 days of fish in Hotel Mercure, all would eat beef which is very expensive in Singapore. A standard operating procedure (check list) of asking food requirements during briefing or start of travel may be useful to avoid such unpleasantries.

Another challenge was the toilet stop before reaching this Hotel Ibis. Only the male disabled toilet without toilet seat in this toll gate stop was operational. The short ladies had a challenge.

Best pics are as follows:

At Les


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