Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2468. Travel pictures - Day 2

Jun 17, 2015

Some of the best travel pictures are fellow travellers rather than buildings as these can be seen in the internet and are dull. Unless you want to take a collection of eg. door frames.

Pics were taken using Canon EFS 55-250mm zoom lens, P mode and autofocus
Focus on the eyes
Amongst a group, focus on the eyes of the person in the middle. It is difficult when all wear sunglasses
Bright sunshine is best rather than shady areas, to bring out the best pic in people

Singapore tour leader (left) and French tour guide (right)

Ladies given a sales presentation on perfumes. Some are distracted by photographer

She was being photographed by her friend and hence looked away

A selfie by the happy tour leader (right)

The hat dominated the picture

Continuous speed captured one good image. White-eyed and nosed bee or wasp.
Bright sunshine at around 10 am, Fragonard perfume factory

Sat on a kerb and caught the little girl's eyes. She smiled

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