Monday, June 15, 2015

2467. Travel pictures from South France - Day 1

Taking a trip to South France from Jun 14 to 26, 15

The SIA plane had an "operational" delay of one hour. Apparently it was a door that could not align.
Economy seats in this Boeing had no leg room. 13 hour flight Singapore to Milan. I stood up every 3 hourly to prevent muscle cramps. The Caucasian passenger at the window seat did not even go to the toilet for the whole duration.

Hotel Mercure in outskirts of Nice, in an industrial estate for the packaged tourists.

I do upload only good travel pics. Bright sunshine provided best images of beach.

Canon Zooms EFS 55-250mm   P mode and autofocus    

My favourite pic
is below:

Some beach pictures - Nice hotels are fully booked as some rich French people want suntan in summer

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