Monday, May 11, 2015

An old cat has painful kidneys - illustration for children's story

May 12, 2015

Fatty, Female, Spayed cat, 10 years old
Adopted by a young lady in her 20s.

The young lady studies for an illustration diploma. I asked her to illustrate her old cat's veterinary journey. She came today to buy a carton of feline k/d after I told her not to feed the usual cat food first as the kidneys were very painful when I checked the cat on April 29, 2015.

At that time, the cat came in as she was not eating and drinking for 3 days. she had diarrhoea for 4 days and passed dark choocolate-coloured stools. He had fever of 40.5 degrees C and also enlarged submandibular lymph nodes.

When I palpated the kidneys, the cat growled.
"The kidneys are enlarged," I advised X-rays which showed the enlargement.

Blood tests to check the health of the kidneys were not done to lower medical costs. However, in Mar 7, 2015, the cat had been vomiting every "2nd day" for the last 7 days. The kidneys were painful.  The cat had ductal carcinoma of the left breast MG1 and enlarged left axillary lymph node. The breast lump was excised by Dr Daniel on Feb 15, 2015 and histology confirmed the malignant ductal carcinoma.

In January 31, 2015, the cat had dental work done and ears cleaned. The left lower canine tooth was decayed and extracted. The large left breast tumour 3 cm x 3cm was seen and surgery scheduled in Feb 15, 2015. 

The stray cat could be 10 years old and had probably been abandoned. She was adopted by the young lady and treated since Jan 31, 2015.

Blood tests done on Feb 2, 2015.
No kidney disorder. Low platelets of 60 (300-800)

Blood tests done on Mar 8, 2015
No kidney disorder
Total white cell count was 2.3 (5-5 - 19.5) with neutrophils 24% (60-70%) and absolute at 0.55 (3-11.5).

Platelets were low at 78 (300-800).

Tiger Balm medication could have been licked by the cat. There was kidney pain  in Mar and April 2015.

Kidney X-rays were done in April 29, 2015.

After IV drips and antibiotics, the cat was sent home with special diet feline K/D.
"Add the K/D to existing canned food bit by bit," I said to the young lady. The cat will not eat K/D  which is meant for kidney diseases immediately.
Within a week, the cat was eating 1/2 can of K/D.  Yesterday, the owner wanted to switch her entirely to the original canned food.  However I did not re-examine the cat or has her urine to analyse for protein, bacteria, white cells and other abnormalities. I advised a month of K/D first and so she came to buy 24 cartons of the food.

The young lady said the cat was OK and wanted to switch to normal canned food.


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