Thursday, May 14, 2015

2152. A good mother brings a child's hamster for treatment. A good father could have bought a tankful of terrapins

May 15, 2015

The storm clouds were gathering. I was teaching my intern Sue how to take care of the vertical ear canal ablation Schnauzer in-patient for 3 days. Yesterday, I had sedated the dog and Naing had cleaned up the blood clots. There was some bleeding (see video) and I made a video on how to do the nursing part.

At around 10 am, a mother came in with a dwarf hamster. He has a left swollen eyelid just like the other hamster with ear warts. She had texted me and emailed me for an appointment. This is her child's beloved pet and she took the trouble to contact me and come early.

I was also treating a terrapin that had closed and swollen eyes for over 7 weeks. "With the money I spent on vet fees," the father said. "I could have bought a tank full of terrapins!"

He was a dynamic man in his 30s sending out strong vibes as I asked him about executive condos and HDB apartments for sale. He had brought the terrapin to see Dr Daniel 3 weeks ago but was unable to medicate the terrapin.

Well, at $5.00 per hatchling, he could have bought 50 terrapins and discard this sick emaciated one weighing 16 g now.  Definitely a tankful. But I don't think his son has the same point of view as the father.   

5% for around 45 seconds. Hamster had an upper eyelid abscess of the right eye and gigantic lower eyelid abscess of the left eye (video). Quick lancing, drainage with cotton bud tip and finger expression, lavage incised wound with water within 20 seconds as the hamster wakes up.

My intern decided to adjust the operation light at the ending of the operation which made me quite mad as the video could not be completed entirely.  While her hands were adjusting the operating lights, she could not film and by the time she could film, I had completed my operation.  

Many young people do not comply with instructions.

A good mother brings a child's hamster for treatment without bean-counting.
A good father could have bought a tankful of terrapins if not for his son's love for the sick terrapin.

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