Tuesday, December 16, 2014

1144. Unbelievable vet stories - foreshadow

"I wonder whether my dog has the same anal problem as me," the owner saw the dark red bruised right anal area. "My GP diagnosed piles but it was extremely painful. I could not sit. I drove mtself to tge private hospital and was operated upon. Anal abscess. Excruciating pain."
Her dog had a very painful backside. It was a rare perineal abscess/haematoma.

Blood tests showed lower than normal red blood cells and haemoglobin suggesting that there was a big amount of bleeding in the right backside area. A big blood vessel must have been infected and ruptured. A very unusual case.

The dog had bladder stones seen on the X-rays but not causing any urinary problems. The owner said she had gall bladder stones removed recently. So she commented that she better look after her health as her dog had similar illness after her.   

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