Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1145. Images for perineal abscess, ear abscess etc

The maid came with the dog as he was scratching both ears and shaking his head.
  1. Painful ear infections and head shaking for over 10 years with hair loss on neck skin and pigmentation in ear pinnae. The owner did not want sedation and ear irrigation and the husband wanted the dog back and sent to another vet.
  1. Intense perineal pain of 2 days. "Looks like a perineal hernia," I said as the dog wanted to bite. "Right anal sac area intensely inflamed."

    Creatinine 33 (89-177) not significant.
    Total WCC 23.2 (6-17), N 96% (60-70), Absolute 22 (3-11).
    Hb 11.4 (12-18). RBC 4.7 (5.5-8.5).
Given IV drip + baytril + dexa on Day 1.
Went home. Came back on Day 2 for X-rays. A skin hole appeared near the right anal sac area now. Over 100 ml of reddish brown blood with yellow materials shot out. So, this is a perineal abscess. Based on blood test, there was lots of bleeding.  






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