Tuesday, December 16, 2014

1143. A dwarf hamster had left upper lip tumour operation - 2 weeks later

Dec 17, 2014

I was surprised that the hamster did survive and was active as a large portion of his left upper lip with intra-lip tumour 3mm x 3mm was electro-excised by Dr Daniel 2 weeks ago.

The wife and their 2 children were concerned about the swollen right eye which happened after the upper lip tumour excision, doing self-treatment without success for last 14 days.
"Let the hamster pass away on its own without treatment' the father reiterated but the family would ignore him.

"This hamster had a few operations," he started his videoing today. "He had a toe amputated, facial tumours removed, ear canal warts and the upper lip tumour cut off by you. No Singaporean hamster owner would bother to get the dwarf hamster operated for so many conditions. Let Nature take its course and do nothing now."  

From my medical records, the following was done on this hamster aged around 2 years as at Dec 17, 2014

1. Feb 22, 2014. Left fore second digit toe abscess lanced. Five balls of right facial abscesses lanced.  Body weight 67 g. Inactive on exercise wheel.

2. Apr 24, 2014.     Left fore second digit toe tumour  amputated. Five right facial abscess electro-excised.  Body weight 61 g. Inactive on exercise wheel.

3. Jun 6, 2014. Right vertical ear canal filled with warts. Electro-excised. Vertical ear canal ablation. 63 g. Advised reduce weight.

4. July 20, 2014.  Four right facial tumours electro-excised.

5. Nov 22, 2014   Left upper lip swelling and ulceration. Clip overgrown lower teeth. 46g now.

6. Dec 3, 2014. Let upper lip tumour electro-excised.  38 g.

7. Dec 17, 2014. Clip lower front teeth. Right eyelids itchy and swollen last 14 days. Left upper lip ulceration need cleaning.

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