Thursday, September 18, 2014

1504. Blood test for an old bad-breath Jack Russell X

TP 45534

Bad breath from a distance. The owner lives with the 8-year-old male dog will not be able to smell this because his nose is sensitized to the smell.

"My friend told me I must do a dental scaling," he said to me.  The dog looked like a Norwich Terrier but he said it was a Jack Russell X.

BLOOD TEST before dental work.
Surprisingly the total white cell count was 5.6 (6-17) but the neutrophils were normal at 56.4% (60-70%) and the absolute no. of neutrophils was 3.16 (0 - 3).  Overall, the values have not changed much.

Urea 6.9 (4.2 - 6.3), creatinine 81 (89-177).

4 teeth extracted. The smell was so strong that I could smell it when placed inside the plastic bag for the owner to see.
Usually I advised 7 days of antibiotics, but the owner wanted today (Sep 18, 2014) as he was free only once a week.  So I gave the antibiotic via the IV drip direct, to kill as much of the mouth's bacteria as possible. Dog goes home with antibiotics and painkillers oral

On Sep 19, 14, I phoned the owner.
"No bad breath?" I asked.
"No," he said happily. "Thank you.".

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