Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1503. How to make a killer presentation

Yesterday, I attended a presentation at Delifrance said to be given a lady insurance agent who told me she would be introducing her boss to me. I was asking her about insurance for a mortgage decreasing housing loan.

Instead, the boss gave the presentation on trust and leverage while she was quiet.

What she ought to do was to plan ahead, do rehearsal with her boss and give the presentation herself as she was the primary contact. The boss is a stranger. So, I sms her a Harvard Business Review article on "How to make a killer presentation."

"It is not rocket science advising a person to get a $1 million insurance cover with a 15% downpayment and recoverable yearly premiums of $6,000/month. "Just do it," I was sure she could have done a better job as she was the contact.

"Yes, Sir, Nike, Adidas" she sms me.
"Not  Adidas mdm," I replied. "Adidas is competitor. They do not do it."

We should try to give what the customer wants. In real estate, some agents bring clients to view houses they can't afford to rent or buy. Dog groomers insist on not clipping off the tip of the tail and the face when the owner wants a complete shave.  


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