Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Shih Tzu can't control his bladder for one year

Sep 18, 2014

The Shih Tzu came in for bladder stone removal as scheduled. His urine starts to smell. When the maid removed the diapers which are worn when he goes outdoors or sleeps overnight of 8 hours, I noted that the dog released a large amount of urine.

"He does urinate into the diapers," the maid showed me dark brown urine stain inside the diapers.
"What happened is that the dog will try not to pee when you put on the diapers overnight," I explained. "His bladder gets infected by stagnant urine as he keeps the urine overnight. This has been going on for one year and so now, he dribbles urine all the time."

The dog started with urine drops one year ago. He was hospitalised by a vet for one week.
"Did the vet do an X-ray or urine test?" I asked.
"I don't think he did an X-ray," the wife said. "He told me that this dog is old and old dogs cannot control their bladder. So, he must have long-term medication."

Instead, the owner got the dog to wear diapers when he is inside the apartment as his urine drops soil the whole apartment. But on Sep 11, 201, the dog was lethargic and not eating for 2 days. So he was brought to Toa Payoh Vets. X-rays showed 3 large bladder stones. Urine test show urinary tract infection with pH = 7.0, SG 1.030, positive protein, blood 4+, bacteria 2+ and no crystals. Blood tests showed total white cell count as 47.7 (normal 6 - 17), neutrophils at 96.4% (normal 60-70%) and absolute neutrophils as 46 (normal 3-11.5).  Blood urea was higher but creatinine was lower than normal.   .

Overall, this dog had a severe bacteraemia and that was why he was not eating for 2 days.

The dog was on antibiotics and today will be operated.
"Some owners will put the dog to sleep," I explained the high anaesthetic risks for old dog surgery.

In Singapore some owners do make the male dog wear diapers to prevent urine marking and soiling the apartment. This may lead to urinary tract infection as the dog withholds the urine for long time, allowing bacteria and crystals to form over several months.

SEP 18, 2014
Surgery to open the bladder. The stones had disintegrated. The testicles were swollen 5X and adhered to the scrotal sac. The testicles with pus inside the tissues and the scrotal sacs were removed.  

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