Thursday, September 18, 2014

1505. Feedback on lateral ear canal resection surgery. A Schnauzer has very hairy ears

Sep 20, 2014

The lady asked whether Royal Canin delivers the hypoallergenic food to her house as she finds that it is better than Science Diet Z/D. Her dog had been tested for allergies which showed that the dog was allergic to grasses and even cockroaches.

."Keeping this expensive dog indoors reduces a lot of skin itchiness," she said. "Do you remember you opened up her vertical ear canals in April?"

"Some miniature schnauzers have hairy ears and so there is not much ear v. entilation or drainage. The ears become infected. Is the dog still scratching his ears and shaking his head continuously nowadays?" I asked.  

"Very much less," she said. "My friends can't believe that he is itchy to grasses"  This feedback shows that lateral ear canal resection is effective.

"There is a need to check the horizontal ear canal," I explained to her as there is some scratching of the ears. Very little .

Royal Canin does not deliver food to the house. She found it better and so she ordered it for her dog. Today another dog owner had bought 2 large bags and so there was none available. Toa Payoh Vets do not stock up such special diets as the demand is low and we have to throw away expired ones. She would phone to order the big bags. .

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