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1477. intern glenn. A young dog in Yangon bites people - has rabies - Images

A visit to Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery in Aug 14, 2014

This young dog bit the family members. So he was sent in for neuter on Aug 14, 2014.
I was visiting. The young vet had been practising for 2 years but had not done a neuter. So I asked Dr Aung for her to start her first neuter under my guidance.

Dog was neutered by closed pre-scrotal castration method. No bleeding. An hour later, I checked on this dog. Traumatic bruising on his scrotum due to his own biting. Swollen scrotal sacs. There would be bleeding.

"Bleeding?" he asked me. "I don't like closed pre-scrotal castration." 
Dr Aung operated and tied up the areas again.
We went to Yezin Univ to give lecturers to the final year student after this surgery.

The dog died the next day. Since he had bitten people, Dr Aung sent to the government for a check on rabies. Positive. results came in one week later.   I was back in Singapore and went to Tan Tock Seng Travel Clinic for treatment. I was exposed to the blood when supervising the young vet in her first neuter. No hand scratches. No bites from the dog. Still I consulted the doctor at the Travel Clinic.

"5 vaccinations" he recommended. "If you are exposed again, you will need two vaccinations again."

Yesterday, I went to the Travel Clinic for my 2nd vaccination IM, left arm as I write with my right hand.

"Can I just have 3 vaccinations?" I asked the nurse. I dislike injections.
"No," she said. "3 vaccinations are for those people not exposed to rabies. You need 5."
I could have been complacent and not go to be vaccinated. After all, I had no scratches on my hands or had been bitten. But would it be wise?

Once symptoms appear, it would be too late.
An older vet at RAVS apparently could not swallow and could not converse with me normally. Did she manifest signs of rabies infection? Or locked jaw from tetanus? Or just some other diseases? Update on Aug 30, 2014 by telephone: She is OK

Yangon has rabies. Biting street dogs are culled by the township. Usually poisoned bait. This is the responsibility of vets in the Yangon City Development Council.


1. Serum neutralising antibodies
2. Brain Negri bodies

Deep bite - Antibodies injections. Costly. $3000

Non-exposed.  3 vaccinations
Exposed to rabies (e.g. bites, scratches) - 5 vaccinations
Exposed after vaccination - 2 vaccinations

Singapore is rabies-free


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