Wednesday, July 23, 2014

1421. A 9-year-old cat leaks urine on the floor for over 2 weeks

July 23, 2014

This gentle black and white, 9-year-old domestic shorthaired female spayed cat would leave urine on the floor for over two weeks.

"You had spayed her when she was young," the woman told me.  "I see urine on the floor where she lies down."

"How long has she been having urinary incontinence?" I asked.
"This homely cat would not go far out from the apartment door," the owner said. "She would not dare to venture far."

"Could she be stressed by the other younger cat, since both use the same litter box?" I asked.
"No way," she said. "The younger cat ignores her."

So, what's the cause of the urinary incontinence?
I palpated the bladder and the cat shook in pain.

Was there an infection, non-inflammatory cause or neoplasia of the kidneys?

BLOOD TEST.  Blood urea and creatinine were normal. Low haemoglobin and high platelets but nothing abnormal.

Pleural effusions and ascites. Kidneys enlarged.

No urine available. The bladder was not full on palpation.

1. Laxative via rectum - all stools passed out.
2. Frusemide inj - lots of urine passed on clumpy litter. Showed to owner when she visited on Day 2 of in-patient stay.
3. Low sodium, high protein diet like Feline K/D to be given.
4. Fortekor 5 tablets to reduce the higher blood pressure.

Cat not eating or drinking. Not eating the old food or K/D.
Gums pale - anaemic but no respiratory distress.  Owner does not want X-rays or blood tests. 

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