Thursday, July 24, 2014

1422. A Persian cat cannot conceive

July 24, 2014

 A Yishun cat owner brought in this Persian cat, female, 2 years for vaccination.
"She looked pregnant but then no kittens," he had a male Persian who mated with her around every 2 weeks when she came on heat. Weight 3.3 kg and temperature 37.6C. Gums were pink.

I examined the vulval area. It was swollen and wet.
"Has the cat been licking her private area below?" I asked.
"Yes," he said. "Last month, she had been passing blood in her stools but she recovered after 2 weeks."

"How do you know mating has been successsful?" I asked. 
"After mating, she would roll and make a lot of noise. She comes on heat around every 2 weeks."

"So how to make her able to conceive?" the gentleman asked.
"She may have a uterine infection. Clip the hairs around the anal and vulval area. We put her on antibiotics for 4 days and then wait 14 days and put her on antibiotics. Check the male cat to make sure he is healthy and clean. Keep him away in another place for one month to let the female cat rest for one month."

According to the behaviour, mating has taken place as felines need to be stimulated to ovulate and that happens during mating, leading to loud noises after mating. In theory, this cat should conceive. But abdominal discomfort during palpation was present, indicating some infections in the uterus or bladder. Antibiotics would help. 

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