Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1420. An 11-year-old female cat passes blood in the urine for the 3rd time

July 23, 2014

"Is there discount for senior citizens?' the 74-year-old healthy retiree came to buy the special prescription diet C/D as advised by me. He had come 3 times for antibitoics and every time, at the completion of the course, his cat would pass blood in the urine. Also difficulty in urination, called dysuria.

"Your cat is a feline senior citizen, but he has no 'Pioneer Generation Medical Package' as he is not a person!" I was referring to a scheme whereby senior citizens of the human type get free medical treatment if they are born before 1949 and are referred to as "Pioneers".

"It is not good giving antibiotics forever," I reminded him and that was why he took a urine sample for analysis on the 3rd request for antibiotics. "The cat needs an X-rays for the bladder and kidney stones and a urine test to see whether she has bladder or kidney stones."

To save him money on X-rays, I got the cat's urine analysed. It was alkaline, had bacteria and triple phosphate crystals.  Although his cat, now on antibiotics, did not pass blood in the urine, she had dysuria.

"There may be bigger stones," I said.
"The urine test can't tell?"
"No, it can't tell the size and number of the urinary stones." I asked him to try feline C/D for one month. "However your other cat must eat the same food. No other food or treats to be given."

If the other normal cat eats the usual dry food, this black and white cat with haematuria would eat it too and defeats the purpose of buying Feline C/D to dissolve the phosphate crystals.

"How long will I know the effects" he asked.
"Around one month if there are no big urinary bladder or kidney stones which can only be seen on X-rays."
"How much for surgery to remove the stones," he showed me the smartphone clip of his black and white cat lying down with belly upwards. A rascal who connected well with him. Picked up from the streets as a kitten 11 years ago. Now he is 74 years old.  

"Surgery is estimated at $500 for bladder stone removal," I told him. There is a need to reduce medical costs for senior citizens and I try as much as possible.    

He bought 10 cans of C/D and a 2-kg dry C/D bag. He

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