Monday, February 3, 2014

1323. Emma, the groomer - photography tips

An image of Emma, a groomer I knew since 9 years ago. I am glad she is doing well in her career. I treated her two cats with upper respiratory tract infection. The old Persian was thin and had been having runny nose now and then. The young cat got infected with loud sneezing.

The "tree trunk" above her head was not obvious during photography. The groomer and dogs were in the shade with the 1 pm sunlight behind. I set autofocus on the groomer's eyes. It is hard to get a good image of black and white dogs together with eyes visible as the white dog will be over-exposed if I focused on the black dog. I used "P" mode, Autofocus, Image stabilizer and took the picture with the Canon SLR. The bright light was behind. The subjects sit on a bench and are shaded since the afternoon sun is far behind. If I focus on the black dog's eyes, the white dog will be over-exposed and so I focused on the groomer's eyes.

Always focus on eyes in digital photography and make eye contact to get interesting images.

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