Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feb 6, 2014 Visit to 3 Myanmar veterinary clinics

Feb 6, 2014
Grand Palace Hotel, Yangon, Rm 343
US$90, single

A new hotel with bright clean lobby. One block with lifts is for foreigners. The other block is without lift and is for locals, according to my friend. Room is very spacious with king-sized bed. Wireless connection was excellent at 4.30 - 6  am when I used this computer but was limited after 6 am.  
 Surprisingly, the room has no power point near the writing desk where I use the computer. Only one power point near left side of the bed. This may be owing to great demand for electrical supply in Myanmar and I presume the room is limited to one power point. So I can't charge my camera battery and the laptop at the same time as the points are far away. Could use an extension cord.  

Visited 3 Veterinary Clinics in Yangon, Myanmar. There is said to be around 100 such clinics in Myanmar in 3 different townships.

1. Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery.

2. Forever Vet Clinic

3. Excellent Care Vet Clinic/ Hospital started by an accountant employing 4 vets. Just opened one month ago. US$450 rental/month for a 3-storey house with roof terrace. Will buy land to build own clinic.

With strong financial support from the accountant, X-ray machines, ultrasound, ultrasonic nebuliser, desktop and gaseous anaesthetic machines are purchased. Software development is being done.   

Will visit Irrawaddy and Bay of Bengal today Feb 7, 2014.

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