Sunday, February 2, 2014

1322. Crusty ear edges in a Sheltie

The scales over-running the edges of both ears of this 3-year-old Sheltie who had been to a groomer one month ago, suggested Sarcoptes mite infestation. The crusts on the ear near the opening of the vertical canal in the right ear suggested another type of ear mite.

However the owner permitted on skin scraping and it was negative for mites.
"One negative does not mean no mites, as some vets may conclude," I said to this banker working for a Japanese Bank. "It is just like you getting rejected by one prospect when you market your bank investment product. It does not mean that your product will be rejected by others. At least 5 skin scrapings would be needed to check for skin mites esp. since you have used some ointment."

He would not permit more than one skin scraping and accepted my treatment for ear mites.

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