Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1158. Z-plasty is needed to close wounds of large skin tumours

Sep 25, 2013

A sudden downpour lasting less than half an hour. A 14-year-old Jack Russell with a golf-ball tumour on the left elbow came in for surgery. The dog had cataracts in both eyes and had been my patient for many years.

"Rusty trembles only in the Surgery," the maid who loves this dog like her child for over 10 years said to me as she cradled the old canine.

I scheduled the dog for surgery tomorrow while I give the IV drip and medication to strengthen this old dog. High anaestthetic risk but there is no coughing or respiratory distress in this old dog. Still, the vet must be very careful in operating on such oldies. A Z-plasty will be best.

Another Z-plasty was done by Dr Daniel in another dog with similar skin tumour as big as a fish ball. See image below:

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