Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1157. S.O.E (School of Exercise) for the senior citizen mother

Yesterday I spoke to a young man who cares and loves his mum very much. She has high cholesterol level over the years, but kept quiet regarding the results of a recent blood test which this young man had persuaded her to do it when she went to the clinic with him as he had a general headache for some time.

"Mum, what the result of the cholesterol level done by Dr Chua?" he asked at the dining table.
"269," mum had not volunteered the result.
"Less than 200 is normal," I said. "Her anti-cholesterol medication is not working. As she is allergic to the statin which would be effective, she was given an alternative which did not work or she had not cut down on her fried food. So, heart attack would be impending."

The youg man persuaded his mum to go to the gym on last Saturday morning and she had done around one hour of exercise.

"Your mum will find excuses not to go," I told the young man if he does not accompany her. "Now that your mum is a senior citizen, she becomes a child. Previously your parents sent you to pre-school and then the school when you were young. Now you send her to S.O.E as she becomes the child in her golden years."

"What is S.O.E.?" he asked.
"Like S.O.T.A, it stands not for the School of The Arts, but for the School of Exercise. So you now are grown up and need to care for the health of the aged mum who does not like exercise complaining of the heat and humidity."

"What about the other child?" he asked.
"What other child?" I replied.
"My father."
"Your father does not need to swallow pills and tablets for high cholesterol or high blood pressure and so he does not need to go to the S.O.E on an urgent basis. He does not eat fried food and is careful of his diet."

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