Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Audit of a pyometra case done by my associate vet in Aug 14, 2012 - TP43135

Sep 26, 2013. I am unable to contact the owner by phone. I review the surgery done by an associate vet on Aug 14, 2012. 

TP 43135. Mini Schnauzer born in Jan 2003, 9 yrs old. Abdominal distension on Aug 10, 2012. 5.1 kg, 37.1 C. Associate vet recorded suspect pyo, not eating 3 days, weak, mm pale, not spayed on case sheet after talking to lady owner. Warded.
I had recorded from the father's comments on vomiting watery fluid 1 week, drank a lot, anorexic. 

Blood test of interest in this pyometra:

Urea 44.7 (4.2-6.3)
Creatinine 153 (89 - 177)
Total WCC  150 (6-17)
N 92% Abs 138.45
L 0.7%  Abs 1.05
M 5%   Abs 7,8
E 0%
B 1.8%  Abs 2.7
Platelets 458 (200-500)

"Pyometron" removal
Fluid therapy, suture x 3 packets, hospitalised 4 days and went home.
As each vet has his or her own way of writing medical records, this "pyometron" scribbling on the case sheet is written. I would write closed or open pyometra in my case records but each vet stamps his or her own individual character when it comes to veterinary recording.

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