Friday, August 9, 2013

1065. A very frightened stray cat in Hougang

"I found her inside the drain," the lady who had been feeding this bony and dirty Hougang stray cat for the past 5 years said to me on this sunny day of August 9, 2013, the National Day of Singapore. "I have lost touch with her over the years as I had shifted to Serangoon."

The cat recognised her and her car engine sounds but would dash off if any human being came near. This cat had been abused by people from young.  Saliva stains in her four limbs. A foul breath.

I asked my assistant to grasp the scruff of the neck while I had a quick physical examination. The cat wanted to bolt off and so I got her back inside the carrier before she got wild. "Dr Daniel will sedate, give fluids and medication and do dental work". 

"I have another cat at home. Will she be infected? I put her in a separate room but this morning my cat vomited."

"Stray cats may have viruses such as HIV," I said. "It is best to do a blood test for the viruses."
The test showed that this cat had negative HIV Antibody but positive Feline Leukaemia antigen. So, what is the owner going to do now?

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