Friday, August 9, 2013

1064. The young intern saves an emaciated old Shih Tzu from lethal injection.

The 16-year-old intern wanted to find out somebody who will adopt this emaciated 10-year-old white Shih Tzu on Aug 8, 2013, his last day of internship.

"How's the health of this dog?" he asked the lady owner who had authorised euthanasia as she had no home for the dog in the rental room.

"He has heart disease, according to the vet and is not in good health."  I had advised a blood test to screen the health and to give the IV drip as the dog was not eating for many days, being abandoned or not well cared for by another person who had adopted him. I don't agree that he has a heart disease but he is a body of skeleton hidden by a full coat of white hair. No skin disease. No baldness.

This was a gentle Shih Tzu. No barking.   A lap dog. So, the intern asked his mum who agreed to him taking over the old dog.  There was some perceptions that this dog was allergic to chicken (a common Singaporean pet owner belief and belief of some vets) and so the dog was fed home-cooked food.

"The dog is in good hands," I said to the owner who had already agreed to euthanasia considering her circumstances.

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