Friday, August 9, 2013

1067. The adults get itchy hands and legs from the Cocker Spaniel

"This 8-year-old Cocker Spaniel has a curable disease," I said when the owners wanted him to be euthanased on this sunny National Day of August 9, 2013. "The dog has scabies as you can see the crusty ears, hairless face and paws."

"Last month, we consulted a vet who said that the dog is allergic and sold me some anti-allergic food," the father said.

"My hands and legs are itchy for the last 2 weeks," the father said. "I keep scratching and my son is affected too."

"This disease is curable and it takes around 10 days," I repeated.

"Actually we had consulted 2 other vets much earlier in the year. Both prescribed medications and the skin disease got worse."

The owner had brought the dog to the SPCA whose personnel referred them to me for euthanasia.

The lady who owns the dog was staying in the university hostel. The father has health problems and nobody would be able to care for this Cocker Spaniel. So, in the end, the decision of euthanasia was made.

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