Thursday, July 18, 2013

1035. A 16-year-old cat drinks and pees a lot

"A house call will not be useful as the cat needs a blood test," I said to the lady who phoned for a house call as the 16-year-old cat drank and peed a lot. "The blood test will show whether the cat has diabetes, liver or  kidney disease. The heart needed to be checked too. I will recommend a pet transport man to bring the cat down to the Surgery. "

Evidence-based medicine is best practised. The cat was quite ferocious (does not like strangers) but Dr Daniel managed to give him isoflurane gas anaesthesia and collect blood from the jugular vein.

1. Triglycerides 50 (elevated) interferring with estimation of LDL cholesterol which can't be measured.

2. Glucose (Fasting) 25.5. Hyperglycaemia.    (normal 3.9-6.0)

3. Urea <1 .8="" 154="" br="" but="" creatinine="" is="" nbsp="" normal="">low, creatinine normal. No kidney disease.

4. Eosinophils 18%,  Absolute 1.22.  Platelets 286 (300-800).

Conclusion. Diabetes mellitus

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