Thursday, July 18, 2013

1034. Health screening of newly purchased Rottweiler

Post-purchase examination. Seldom does the vet ask the owner to do a blood test after a general examination. This should be advised as the puppy seller gives the owner 24 hours to "return" the puppy if it is medically unsound.
In this case of an 8-month-old male Rottweiler, the significant finding is the kidney function.
Urea 3 (4.3-6.3). Creatinine 51 (89-177). I advised the owner to speak to the Seller as to whether he wants to return the puppy.  I what's app the report to him as 24 hours have passed but it is now 48 hours after purchase.

The red blood cells are slightly low. Platelets 560 (200-500) are high. Monocytes 9.9%, Absolute 1.58, Eosinophils 8.8%, Absolute 1.41. N 52% Aabsol 8.24.  L 30% Absolute 4.77, Basophil 0.
Total WCC 16 (6-17).

The main worry is the kidney profile. Is there a congenital renal disease?

Parvo and heartworm tests were done and negative.

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