Thursday, July 18, 2013

1033. The retiree's two old dogs

Clinical Research.
Case study of two dogs well cared for to old age by a retire. I saw them starting from 2009.
1. Orphan. Maltese X. Male, Born 2002
Sep 25, 09. Teeth scaling and extraction. Left testicular tumour first. Right testicular tumour and circum-anal tumour. Now 16 years old.  Neutered & circum anal tumour excised
Aug 2, 10. Histology: Malignant tumour compatible with a seminoma
Apr 4, 13  Generalised ringworm both dogs. No follow up by owner. Buys Neoderm. Self-treatment.

2. Bam. Maltese X. Male. Born 2001

Oct 2, 2009. Dental and teeth extraction.
Jun 12, 2010. Left eye corneal ulcer. 3rd eyelid flap.  Ear itchy. Ear cleaning & grooming. Nov 14,10
Aug 14, 2012. Blood test, ear irrigation, teeth
Apr 4, 13. Drinks and pees a lot. Blood test. Liver disorder.
                 Generalised ringworm both dogs. No follow up by owner owing to financial constraints.
Jul 17, 2013. Right eye corneal ulcer & >5mm across (image). Ears itchy.

Paw must have scratched eye causing ulceration. Owner thought the dog had conjunctivitis but the eye drops didn't work. E-collar advised. Conservative treatment.

"Generalised ringworm is a very difficult disease to eliminate," I said to the retiree. "Some dogs need 60 days of medication and daily anti-ringworm washing and decontamination of the environment and brushes. The owner needs to bring the dog for review 3-4-weekly instead of buying the Neoderm cream. A very itchy disease. Dog scratches ear and could have injured his right eye now, causing eye ulcer. Clipping the dog bald revealed the ringworm patches. The dog went home on conservative eye ointment + e-collar treatment instead of surgery, to save on medical costs.   


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