Thursday, July 18, 2013

1036. Nephrolithiasis. Kidney stones in X-ray - blood in urine

Review. Rarely do we get kidney stones in dogs as compared to bladder stones. 

Maltese, M, 10 years
Ref: 40729
Blood in the urine 2 days.

Jul 17, 13  Urine Test
pH 8, SG 1.044, Protein +, Blood 4+, WBC 0, RBC >2250, Amorphous phosphate +

X-ray - kidney stones (small, a few).

Advise S/D 1-3 months, urine test monthly, X-ray 3rd month.


Interesting notes
Oct 3, 2011
Black & turbid urine sent for analysis.

Blood4+, WBC1620, RBC >2250
Sample is too turbid to perform biochemical tests
Associate vet advised X-ray and did urine test (above results).

On Sunday, the owner came for the Prescription S/D as advised by me to dissolve the small stones in the kidneys. The couple said: "My dog will never eat the S/D as he is eating kibbles. I will take one can of S/D to try."

"If you just want to try one can of S/D, then it is best not to do it since it takes 1-3 months of eating S/D to dissolve the small kidney stones which you saw on X-rays," I said. "You can return the cans if you decide not to feed the dog.

"No dog will eat the S/D canned food if you feed just S/D at the beginning. I have a client whose dog had a similar kidney and bladder stone problems. After the bladder stone removal, I advised S/D to dissolve the stones. He said his dog would not eat the S/D and therefore stop feeding it. Blood in the urine may recur again if you don't try to dissolve the stones in the kidney. The plan is to feed 10% of the S/D canned mixed with the kibbles and increase slowly to 100% after 2 weeks. Not to force the dog to eat the new food 100%."

"Is there beef inside the food?" the gentleman asked. I gave him the can of S/D to examine the contents. There was chicken and pork but no beef used in the manufacture. So the couple got 12 cans of the S/D.

This case will be followed up if the owner is keen on feed back to me.

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