Friday, November 16, 2012

Social media and google docs. Can old dogs learn new tricks?

Nov 17, 2012
To: Young new graduates - marketing your expertise in the social media is hard work
From: Dr Sing Kong Yuen
Use google docs and social media to promote your expertise
The golden age of the internet is here. Yet, most young people don't know how to use the social media to promote their skills for prospective cients.

Gaming is fun and pleasure but will not create awareness of your hobbies, skills and expertise as a vet or hobbyists.

Facebook with pictures of fun and beer drinking and outrageous behaviour of the young undergraduates at school will make the their baby-boomer mothers blush, but actually such images cast the young persons involved as being lacking in self-discipline and morals and demonstrate irresponsibility to hold top management positions to prospective employers.

Use google docs to get your financial statements stored, rather than emailing attachments to the employer. The employer just click on the link with a password. This is what I mean by using social media to be more efficient, productive and smart in your profession.

With the new Samsung Notebook Lte, it is possible to write directly onto the phone-tablet. I can see this as a new way to record case studies by writing instead of typing on the keyboard and then storing the record in the cloud. Typing during consultation takes a lot of time and so this Samsung Notebook with pen will be an advance in medical recording, if you know how to apply the tools of the trade.
Read, research and apply the tools of social media to promote your expertise. It will be dull and boring compared to thumbing text messages to your friends and they thumb back trivial news to you, back and forth during your working hours. It is hard work and requires daily input on the blog, facebook or other social media. Few young ones will do it. So, this is where you distinguish yourself as a professional or hobbyists. Rarely do baby-boomer generation people do it but then they are set in their ways watching TVS or online movies and have no time to learn and apply new technologies to promote their expertise. Well, they are either established in their management positions or about to retire. Why would old dogs learn new tricks?

It is time to change your mindset if you want to distinguish yourself in this extremely competitive world where prospective clients are much more sophisticated and demanding of the highest standard of service at the lowest costs by surfing the internet.

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