Saturday, November 17, 2012

1185. Audit Review of skin disease: The black Mini Schnauzer still bites her legs again

Sunday Nov 18, 2012  9.58 am

Skin diseases are due to many causes and each vet has his or her own way of diagnosis and treatment. Some cases need regular reviews monthly but rarely do owners bother to do it. Some cases get cured with one or two treatments. In the following audit case, I review the case treated by my associate vet in more detail as the owner came back again some 3 months later after the first treatment at Toa Payoh Vets on Nov 15, 2012 and as she spoke in Hokkien, I took over the case from the associate vet who could not speak a word of this dialect.

I was present on Nov 15 and saw her male friend shaking his head disapprovingly. "Your husband is shaking his head," I said. "He is a friend. I am a divorcee," she informed me. So, one must not presume spouses anytime. I asked for her history from the previous vet. There were 13 pages of record.

Today Sunday, I phoned the owner at 9.50 am. Nobody answered. Too early for a Sunday morning or she had gone out. Over 50 years old lady.

Mini Sch black, female, spayed

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