Friday, November 16, 2012

1183. Visual arts - artist

I rarely encounter artists as clients.
One of my clients is a visual artist.

Her father's website

Many times, I can't figure out how an artist can earn a living as their art pieces need promotion, marketing, affordable pricing.  Many don't seem to like to draw Singapore River scenes or local cultures as I presume there is no demand.

In some art exhibitions locally at the malls, some of such local scenes are good pieces of art but the prices are over $1,000.

It is time for the new artist to start their own website and display their artwork and pricing. But most don't do it and so the average man can see their artwork and can't buy their art pieces without having to go through an art gallery!  

Lately Singapore has an "Affordable Art Fair". 

Should young practising vets display their "artwork" which would be case studies with photos of before and after so that the prospective clients know what they are skilled at? Well, most don't do it. It is just too much time needed to do it!

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