Friday, July 13, 2012

1076. Golden Retriever keeps panting every day

GR, Male, 7 years started panting. Treated by Vet 1, but panting came back again after 7 days of medication. Owner did not want blood test again.

I checked the Vet 1's report. Liver and spleen enlarged.

"Unable to do CBC as the machine cannot read the blood."

However, he did a blood smear (RBC NAD, large reactive lymphocytes 3+) and rectal palpation (enlarged prostate both sides). He did blood biochemistry - NAD
Recorded panting could be due to anaemia
Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia? prostatitis/BPH
Treatment: Tardak inj. and usual medication.

MY BLOOD TEST done without charging the owner

Total WBC 91 (6-17)
Marked luekocytosis with many abnormal cells seen. No platelet clumps seen.
RBC and Hb low --- anaemia
PCV 0.28, MCF low, MCHC low. Platelets low 196 (200-500)

What's the cause of this high WBC? Due to economic problems, the owner did not want any testing.
Could this be a case of tick fever?  So far, the dog is still panting but is at home as the ladies do not want euthanasia.

Glucose 3.4  (3.9-6)
Hb 10.5 (12-18)
RBC 5.0 (5.5-8.5)
Platelets 196 (200-500)
PCV 0.28 (0.37-0.55)
Total WCC 91 (6-17)
N= can't do

There is a marked leucocytosis with many abnormal cells seen. No platelet clumps.

Two blood tests showed similar leucocytosis. As to the cause, it is hard to say.
SGPT/ALT   122 (<59)
SGOT/AST  792  (<81)
Urea 7.6 (4.2 - 6.3)
Creatinine  132  (89-177)

Dog was euthanased on Jul 17, 2012 as he had deteriorated in health.

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