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1077. Sunday Jul 15, 2012 interesting cases

Sunday Jul 15, 2012 interesting cases

Bright sunshine, blue skies

1. Case 1. New client. 3-year-old plump femal echihuahua suddenly lethargic and not eating. Black green diarrhoea.
"I saw whitish discharge yesterday," the 70-year-old man said.
"Is it from the anus or from the vagina?" I asked.
"Can't tell,"
"When was the dog's last heat?" I asked.
"Last 4 weeks, small amounts of blood unlike the first heat."
"It is not normal for a healthy to have small amounts of bleeding and for 4 weeks," I palpated a swollen anterior abdomen. The dog growled in response.
"Most likely a closed pyometra," I said. "An infection of the womb. Blood test and X-rays will be taken and an IV drip with antibiotics to be given today."

2. Case 2. 5-year-old male rabbit with rapid breathing and not eating.
"He had never fully recovered since 2 months ago," the young lady said.
"With this type of fast nose breathing, the rabbit is suffering from a serious lung infection usually," I said. "He is unlikely to live for a few days. Any change of hay and is it dusty?" I asked as the rabbit showed signs of pneumonia. The owner did not want any blood test or X-ray. So treatment would be symptomatic and the rabbit warded for one day. The rabbit passed away soon and the owner was informed promptly. No complaints as she was informed of the poor prognosis.

3. Review of Shih Tzu with vomiting and diarrhoea. Came in yesterday Saturday while Dr Daniel was on leave. He was neutered by Dr Daniel but his surgery area was not infected. For such serious vomiting cases, I warded the dog for 24 hours, gave the  IV drip, antibiotics and anti-spasmogesic. Blood test. Vomited once but no diarrhoea due to treatment. Dr Daniel will call the owner as this is his case and responsibility to provide a good customer service. Very painful throat (forced feeding of medication) when I palpated it and bit me as the dog hated oral medication and bit the owner. Dog went home.
4. Review of poodle with intense facial itch. Dorsal elbows blackened skin. Had horizontal ear canal resection done by me some weeks ago and was OK. "Allergy?" It is hard to say. Warded and horizontal ear canal cleaned. No demodectic mange mites seen on microscopic exam of elbow skin but it does not mean there is none. Allergy to various things is a possibility, like dog treats.  

5. A young French couple with a 3-year-old boy came to buy a kitten or dog like the tea-cup yorkshire. "We don't sell them as we are a vet surgery," I said. I checked my Samsung laptop for the phone number of a pet shop that sells kittens and puppies but stopped when a rabbit owner came in. I resumed later and asked them to phone the Holland branch of Pets Station. "Best not to buy a tea-cup yorkshire," I said. "It is hard to take care when you have a small boy."

This is "creating value" to a prospective client as it will be easier to tell him to go look for the phone number himself. The husband shook my hand.

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