Friday, July 13, 2012

1075. Tick fever in Singapore dogs from the drug supplier and in a Westie

Saturday 11.35 am

I spoke to the drug supplier of anti-tick fever medication. He said that the bottle costs around $200 and he does not stock it anymore. "Sudden demand for the drug," he said. "Then no demand. I have lost money." I asked him which months of the year were there more tick fever cases, but he could not say.

I ordered another bottle by indent and he said it would arrive in August.

Dr Jason Teo's dachshund had tick fever recently while he was in Australia, he told me today.
"In many cases, no fever," I said to him.
"Yes, my dog did not have fever. I did 4 blood tests."
"Usually, only anaemia will be the finding," I said.

He could tick fever confirmed by the lab and so now I asked him to use the medicine at correct dose. "Not over the recommended dose," I said. "It can be lethal."
I will see how his dog responds.

A few days ago, I met the "Huggies" girl whose Westie had tick fever and had recovered after treatment and blood transfusion. I remember Huggies. "How many diapers per day for the new born baby to one year old ," I asked. "You were not born when I became a father some 30 years ago."
"8 diapers/day for 6 months."
"How much it would total up?" I asked.

Her dog kept having small ticks every day and so she phoned me for the solution? I advised a tick dip, putting the Westie inside a bath tub. "Wear an e-collar for next few days. Vaccum the flooring or keep the dog in a confined room." Easier said than done. The dog had "hot spots" in the belly and around the neck. So I advised careful use of the tick wash and total clipping of the coat. Eye ointment to protect the eyes during tick dip and antibiotics for the hot spots.

"Baby ticks of small dots come from the floor cracks and surroundings and also from the coat," I said to her. They can't be seen till they reach a certain size. That is why I recommend total clipping of the entire body including the face."

I don't know whether she clipped her dog bald or not. So far, no news from her.    

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