Thursday, July 15, 2010

131. Lateral ear resection observations

As at July 15, 2010

1. Cavalier King Charles. The wound is wet. The dog feels the pain when the horizontal canal is checked. Panalog ear ointment was applied inside the horizontal canal on July 14, 2010. Why is there wetness around the area of the horizontal canal? Is the fluid from the middle ear? I need to investigate further. No more head shaking seen. If you look at his pre-op picture, he had been using his left back paw to scratch the area whee the middle canal is located.

2. Cocker Spaniel. 12 years. Wound heals well. Should be able to go home 3 more days. This dog has no more urinary problems after I removed 31 stones in the bladder last year. Owner feeds home-cooked food, mainly vegetables with a bit of chicken meat.

3. Cocker Spaniel with maggot wounds on left ear. Wound healing well. Drainage tube removed.

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