Wednesday, July 14, 2010

131. Epileptic fits after 6 months and hypersexuality after fits

Shih Tzu, Male, Not neutered, Born 28 Sep 2005

July 15, 2010. 7.8kg 38.6 degrees C. Acute conjunctivitis both eyes. The groomer had commented on the red eyes.

Has fits for 10 X since 2 days ago. Wanted to hump with objects after recovery from fits. Daughter had given phenomav 30mg (1/2 tab per day), but once a day. No fits for the last 6 months. The dog was on K/D diet but also ate children's food given by the children. He had put on weight, now weighing 7.8 kg. "More alert," the mother said.

"Is the anti-fit tablet given the same time every day?" I asked the daughter. The mother had presumed this to be done as there were no fits for the last 6 months.
"No," the daughter said.
"In this case, the dosage is not effective. Sometimes you forget to give, sometimes you give at different times."

Fits started on Jul 28, 2008. Consulted Vet 1. Blood test OK.
Phenomav 30mg at 1/2 tab/day but not given regularly from 2008 - now.

Urine test: Aug 14, 2008.
pH = 9.0, SG 1.048.
crystals: triple phosphate ++
spermatozoa +++

TREATMENT Aug 18, 2008
acidify urine, C/D diet. Owner did not follow up.

NOW, 5 years old. Fits recently in July 2010.
To review blood, urine again. Daughter agreed to neuter to reduce humping behaviour. What's the cause of the fits? Usually the cause is unknown.

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